More time, less stress!

I’m sure you’ll recognize the following sentence: ‘oh…but I don’t have time for that!’ And I’m sure that, like me, you’ve heard this sentence concerning one of the following subjects: natural-horsemanship, waiting while trailerloading or with scary objects, trusting exercises or starting young horses.

Unfortunately we still regularly get this answer whenever we give a new student an excercises they don’t yet understand. The funny thing is though that these horselovers seem to not have enough time to do things right once, but they seem to have lots and lots of time to do things half assed over and over again while getting into the same kinds of issues that they didn’t have time to fix.
Ask yourself if you’re having these kinds of problems somewhere in your (horse)life as well? Are there things that you don’t want to spend time doing but because of this they usually take a lot more time?

Horse are, by nature, very patient animals and they don’t have a sense of time like we do. This is one of the reasons we feel attracted to them; they life in the moment, and we love it! Unfortunately we’re not as good at doing just that. We have all sorts of goals and timelimits that actually cause us to not use our time optimal.
What do I mean by this? Just have a look at the following example:

Samantha and her pony Spot ride shows every other week. Spot isn’t terrified of the trailer, but would rather just not leave. This means that Samantha takes 45 minutes every other week to load Spot before leaving, and on the way back it costs them about the same amount of time or more.

Totalled this means that Samantha spends 36 hours or more loading her pony every year. In those 36 hours she could have done a lot of other cool stuff instead. But even more annoying is that it doesn’t stop at those 36 hours. Next year it’ll cost at least another 36 hours, but it’s plausible that it’ll even cost her more about 45 hours that year.
When we load our pony well, and take the time, he’ll get a good feeling about loading and it’ll take less and less time. But when we do the loading half assed all the time he’ll just get better and better at avoiding the trailer and teaching himself new tricks to win and it’ll take longer and longer.
But what if she would take the time to help Spot learn how much fun the trailer can be? What if she would some good techniques for loading, she practiced a bit and spent some time on the trailer together with Spot to make him feel comfortable?

Let’s say she took lessons for 2 hours and practiced 5 hours total. The result would be that Spot would load within 10 minutes calmly and confidently and she could load him on her own. It would mean that she spent about 13 hours of loading that year. That’s already less than half! And if she handles it well, loading will take less and less time, instead of more and more.

If you look at it this way wouldn’t it be worth it to take a more detailed look at your daily routines with your horse? In what things would you be able to invest some time so that it’ll cost less time in the future? Make a plan, take care of things and it’ll save you a lot of time in the coming years!

Don’t forget to share the results with us!

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